We provide a full refurbishment service for all types of Air Handling Units, irrespective of who the equipment was manufactured by.

• AHU condition reports including energy efficiency improvements
• Individual component replacement or repair (i.e. burst coil or broken damper etc)
• Full refurbishment including new internal components and external roof or panels
• Maintenance
• Warranty
• Spares

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There are many benefits of refurbishing equipment when replacement is not always feasible, such as:

• Cost is typically less
• Incorporating the latest energy efficient components (i.e. plug fans with EC motors)
• Extended life span of existing unit
• Minimal disruption to client operation
• Reduced AHU downtime
• Greater flexibility as components could be supplied in kit form and assembled on site therefore eliminating the need for a crane
• Warranty for all components including existing (dependant on level of refurbishment)


AHU Refurbishment understands that there is often a need for more protection or to minimise unpredictable repair costs. We have therefore developed an Extended Warranty for AHU Plant and Equipment. This warranty is available on a unit by unit basis so please contact us for more information and to arrange a site inspection.